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From travelers to travelers
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From travelers to travelers

Why are these guides different?

They are free, up-to-date and created by a multitude of travelers. They are available offline, in many languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German), and full of essential plans created by the travelers themselves. Minube is a social travel website composed of travelers united by the passion of traveling and of sharing their favorite places in the world. Together, we have created the guides from travelers to travelers that will inspire you with the most up-to-date recommendations of what to see, and where to eat and sleep in the main places of the world. Download the guides to your smarthphone or tablet and enjoy a different approach to your next destination.

Best Apps by Apple and The App Date

minube inspires travelers when choosing their next destination. Our social travel guides (best app 2011 in The App Date) will help thousands of travelers discover amazing places. There is nothing better than the recommendations of those who have already been there to help you discover the favorite places of the World.
The original application of minube (available for iPad, Android, Windows Phone or Nokia Ovi) was awarded by Apple as the Best iPhone App in Spain in 2011, beating famous apps like Instagram.

In-app purchase: How to be an author and earn Money

Have you ever thought of becoming a travel writer? It is easy and you can be the next author. It is not just for journalists or writers. It’s for travelers. Ok, so you are a traveler. Great, you love traveling, but we are sure that you also enjoy sharing your experiences. In fact, you are the one who knows the best places to visit in your town, the best restaurants of your favorite destination or the best shops of your commercial district. Now you only have to share them! Think of your Essentials Plans, upload your best pictures and experiences of your favorite spots and create your own guide. You will earn money to keep doing what you love the most: traveling!